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Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama's Federal School Curriculum
Three years after the Department of Education announced a contest called Race-to-the-Top for $4.35 billion...

Re-Educating America's School Children Thanks to Your Contributions
When most people think of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's education programs, they remember the gentle Mr. Rogers...

The "Bad History" of Howard Zinn and the Brainwashing of America
A History That No Self-Respecting Marxist Historian Would Consider
PDF from

Changing Consciousness: Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, and Peace Studies for a One-World Government
What happened to Kevin Jennings?
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Indoctrination without Apology
My report on social studies teachers' strategies

The Extreme Make-Over of William Ayers: How a Communist Terrorist Became a 'Distinguished' Professor of Education
America's Survival Report - Aug. 20, 2009

Did Bill Ayers Get His Teaching Job "the Chicago Way"?
America's Survival Report