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Discussing Howard Zinn with David Schein


Howard Zinn's Ignoble Lies


"The Influence of Howard Zinn's Fake History," Hillsdale College Leadership Seminar, September 29, 2020


Xavier University, September 22, 2020


Courage and Conviction: The True Story of Christopher Columbus
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White House Conference on American History - September 17, 2020


Howard Zinn's War on History with Mary Grabar and Jarrett Stepman


Decoding Howard Zinn's Dark Vision of America


Mary Grabar on the Ben shapiro Show


American Conservative University


Exposing the lies in Howard Zinn's history book with progressive ideology


Dr. Mary Grabar - Debunking Howard Zinn


Detailed report on Communist Party member Howard Zinn, and his brainwashing techniques
3 Videos from 10/21/10 America's Survival, Inc. "Marxism in America" conference. 
Part one
Part two
Part three